The Town Of Bow Island

Welcomes You ...

Bow Island is a quiet town in the middle of a very diverse agricultural area. The town is surrounded by irrigated farming which encompasses a variety of different crops such as beans, potatoes, sugar beets, dill, spearmint, and a very progressive dry land farming economy.

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The Town Mascot

The Town of Bow Island is well known for the dry edible bean industry. An 18 foot high statue of the mascot, "Pinto MacBean" is located adjacent to Highway No. 3 and greets everyone coming into town.

Designed by Jane Osborne and unveiled to the public in 1992, Pinto MacBean was created to promote tourism and signifies the importance of the dry edible bean industry to the area.

Information on Jon Pinto: Jon Pinto is an artist who lives in Orlando, Florida and has worked for Walt Disney as well as similar companies. You will notice Pinto MacBean is a cartoon character who has M & M Eyes and Veggie Tale Arms and Feet. Mr. Pinto has allowed us to use the new version of Pinto MacBean for our 100th Centennial Celebration.

The “Centennial Pinto MacBean” is very popular and we have received numerous comments of how cute he is.

An Evening of Musical Praise Join us at St. Andrew's United Church on May 25th at 7pm for first  Spring Music Concert and Fundraiser. We'll even treat you to Dessert and Coffee after the concert.  ... Read More
Census 2017 "Stand up & be Counted" May 24th - June 30th
Golden Age Center  will celebrate  Canada 150 Anniversary June 16th, 2017 Watch for further details
Spring Fling Golden Age Center Fri May 27th Entertainment from  Big Valley Train  Tickets 20$ Contact 403-545-6155 403-545-2631 403-545-2430 By May 23rd.
Class of 2017 Congratulations
Register your team for the 5th Annual Slo Pitch Tournament June 9th, 10th & 11th , 2017 Contact Darla @ 403-545-2522 or for more information
Volunteer Fire and EMS Members  Needed By Bow Island Emergency Services  Applications can be picked up and dropped off at the Town Office Mon - Fri 8:30 - 4:30 or Phone 403-545-2424