The Town Of Bow Island

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Bow Island is a quiet town in the middle of a very diverse agricultural area. The town is surrounded by irrigated farming which encompasses a variety of different crops such as beans, potatoes, sugar beets, dill, spearmint, and a very progressive dry land farming economy.

What's Happening?

Temporary Program Officer Maternity Position. Click here for ad.


Terry Fox Run September 14 beginning at Gazebo Centennial Park 10:00 am start time. For entry/pledge forms or info, contact Town Office 545-2522. Volunteers Needed!


On June 3, the Troy Loney Charity Golf Classic was held at the Bow Island Golf Course in memory of Jackie Wilson. Troy Loney quoted

"I continue to be amazed at how the Bow Island community rallies around each other to support families and causes that are in need.  Over $80,000 raised in one day to support the Lodge in Jackie Wilson's memory, that is awesome!  I would personally like to thank everyone who donated their time and their resources to the Golf Classic.  You are what makes the Bow Island community special and makes me proud to say that I am from Bow Island."

Check out the Recreation Facilities page for the 2014 Pool season lessons and schedule!


Check out the re-vamped website for the Bow Island/Burdett & District Chamber of Commerce.

Please call for information on Bow Island Land Inventory.

Moving To Bow Island?

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Sugar Beet Piling Station Workers Needed Job Fair: Sept. 5, 2-6pm Town Office Call 382-3699 for info
BI Playschool Annual Meeting and Registration Wed. Sept. 3 @ 6:30pm BI Library Info call 833-2115
Taking Action Against Elder Abuse Workshop Sept. 11 @ Town Office. Call 545-2200 to register
HEAD COACH applications for BI Minor Hockey now due Email Deadline Sept. 2
Bow Island Farmers Market Golden Age Centre Friday's 2:30 - 4:30 pm Everyone Welcome Farmers Market Book a table Contact Bev @ 545-6563
Look Who's Cookin' 2014 Cookbook produced by the EDA. Great recipes made with local products! Available at the Town Office for $10
Ref Coordinator NEEDED for BI Minor Hockey Call 403-502-5796 for more details
Want to win a Google Nexus Tablet? Click here to find out how!
For anyone interested there are still a few "Down Memory Lane" books available. If you would like a copy please contact the Town Office at 403-545-2522.

The Town Mascot

The Town of Bow Island is well known for the dry edible bean industry. An 18 foot high statue of the mascot, "Pinto MacBean" is located adjacent to Highway No. 3 and greets everyone coming into town.

Designed by Jane Osborne and unveiled to the public in 1992, Pinto MacBean was created to promote tourism and signifies the importance of the dry edible bean industry to the area.

Information on Jon Pinto: Jon Pinto is an artist who lives in Orlando, Florida and has worked for Walt Disney as well as similar companies. You will notice Pinto MacBean is a cartoon character who has M & M Eyes and Veggie Tale Arms and Feet. Mr. Pinto has allowed us to use the new version of Pinto MacBean for our 100th Centennial Celebration.

The “Centennial Pinto MacBean” is very popular and we have received numerous comments of how cute he is.


40 Mile Coulee Reservoir: Services the water needs of the eastern portion of the St. Mary Irrigation District.

This large mass of water supplies the area with water for farms, and the community.